I’m sure everyone is getting ready to enjoy their 3-day holiday weekend but and now it just got even better. Gameloft has announced they will be giving away a few free Android games each day until Labor Day. I don’t know about you guys but free games for our favorite Android devices is always welcomed.

Yesterday they kicked things off with the popular game NOVA HD and not only that, but every Gameloft game is also on sale for only $0.99 cents this weekend. There is a small catch here and the free game will only be available for 2 hours, and 2 hours only. Follow @GameloftAndroid on Twitter or like Gameloft on Facebook and at random times each day this weekend they will announce the freebie.

I’ve a deal all set up with friends that if they see the deal to make sure to alert me on Twitter or G Talk so I don’t miss any awesome free games and I suggest you all do the same. Oh and if you’re interested in those $0.99 cents deals you must buy those by clicking here. That’s all folks, enjoy the weekend and keep an eye out for free HD Games thanks to Gameloft.

[via Gameloft]

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