Today has been a busy one in the world of Android but I know you don’t all have time to look through all the posts and forums so this is a little round-up just for you. I’ll mention a few articles and link to them for your convenience. Lets start with SwiftKey X as it just launched on the market today and is available for both phones and tablets (not just Honeycomb either). They are offering both versions for a discount and only $1.99 til Saturday so hurry and get it while its hot (and cheap).

While I’m mentioning things just launching today, Spotify also was released to the public this morning and is currently in beta here in the U.S.. Amazon is back in the tablet news and sources are now claiming Foxconn will build Amazon’s 10″ Android Tablet. Foxconn as you know is the premiere builder for the iPad so this could be good news. Speaking of tablets ViewSonic has the VB730 they plan to sell for $229 if you need a cheap 7″ tablet.

Virgin Mobile plans to throttle data starting in October, while the Google + Android app received an update today so now I can ignore circles I don’t want to talk to. The Motorola Droid 3 went on sale today in-store so head over and get one, We already did and you can watch our Droid 3 unboxing by clicking here. Oh and while we are mentioning DROIDS the original Moto Droid has a new Android 2.3.4 ROM as well as tons of kernels available.

Am I going to fast for anyone? Because that is the point!

The Motorola Atrix bootloader is now unlocked for the entire world to enjoy, and lets talk about leaks, yes leaks. The Samsung Admire with Android 2.3 was leaked for MetroPCS, we saw the LG Bryce (aka Revolution) packing 4G and also headed to MetroPCS today.

Google announced their Q2 Earnings and lets just say they have WAY too much money and I’d love like 1% of it — that is still like 10 billion dollars (not really but close). While Google was bragging they also let us all know the Market now has over 250,000 applications for download — a number they’ve been aiming for since Apple hit it last year. Don’t worry that’s not all as Google loves the news, Android is now activating over 550,000 phones every single day. That explains why they are making so much darn money.

Lets end this on a short note. Motorola is giving away 10,000 Spotify invites so you’ll probably want to click here. Canada will be getting the Droid 3 later this summer. Last but not least and speaking of Spotify, I’ve done a full Spotify Premium App Review that you don’t want to miss. More news will keep flowing today but that is all that really mattered to me today, so enjoy!

Oh yea, Qualcomm released a new browser benchmark app for mobile phones. It’s worth a look or two but it takes forever to finish a single test so you better have a few minutes to spare.

Have a nice night!