Google has been running wild over the past few days and week with Google + and today they just updated the Android app. The update is in the market now so head over and get it. They have added a few new features as well as fixed some bugs and issues with the swype keyboard some were reporting. The update is rolling out now but only a few of my devices are seeing it so keep checking the market.

We have covered plenty about Google + over the past few weeks and in case you’ve missed some of our great articles check out where to get the APK for international users, G+ NFC support, and most importantly our Google + Review.

Fun New Features:

– Customize your Stream to show streams from individual circles (Stream>Menu>Manage Views)
– New UI allows adding multiple people or entire circles to an existing group Huddle
– Set photo as wallpaper (when viewing photo)


– Fixed some issues with the Swype keyboard
– If someone you’ve never huddled with before invites you to a group Huddle, you can now dismiss the invitation
– Performance improvements and bug fixes throughout the app

Google will continue to update Google + and the android application sorry iDevice users (not really) you still don’t have an app but it will come whenever Steve & Co. decide to let you try it. Google has been hard at work pushing this new social network and it has gained tons of traffic. Oh and don’t forget to check out our Google + 101 for full details of everything it has to offer.

Download: Google+ for Android