The long wait for Spotify to come to the U.S. has finally ended and they announced this morning they are in now in beta. The beta is currently available by invite only, or for paying subscribers. You can head over to Spotify to sign up for an invite, or Motorola is giving away 10,000 for free.

Spotify has partnered with Motorola and are giving away 10,000 invites to the new service. Apparently all you need to do is give them some information and sign up and hopefully you get an invite, the page just went up today but you better hurry. The link is below for those that just can’t wait to get in.

We also did a nice review on Spotify for Android this morning and you should check that out for full details on the amazing new service. I love it personally and don’t think I’ll ever stop using it unless something better comes out.

Sign Up Here

[via Motorola]