Fresh off the Google Q2 2011 Earnings call we just recently posted, Larry Page has shared a few details about what we all here at Android Community call the Android Army. Larry mentioned that Android is now seeing huge numbers and is getting around 550,000 activations daily — daily!

Just a few weeks ago Andy Rubin tweeted they were seeing around 500k daily, so in just 1 short month they are seeing a stable and fast increase. That was only 16 days ago and now they are already passing 550,000, all I can say is wow. That is like 3.8 million phones every week being activated — That is a lot of phones.

To put all of this into a bit more perspective for you, back in Q1 2011 that number was around 350,000 then at Google I/O in May they posted on the big screen they were activating over 400,000 a day. If you really want me to dig deep in Q1 2010 just over a year ago these numbers were said to be 160,000 activations every single day. So in 1 short year they have almost tripled. By Q3 these numbers could be up in the 650k range. The news is still coming in as I read over this huge Q2 earning report so stay tuned.


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