Well today was the big day that music fans in the US have been waiting for a very long time. The Spotify music streaming service has finally launched in the states. We mentioned yesterday that when the Spotify service landed in the US it would bring with it an app for the Android user to enjoy on the go. That app is here now and our sister site SlashGear has already reviewed the Spotify service.

For now the Spotify service in the US is in a beta trial mode and you have to get an invite to get in on the beta trial. The full service will be launching “soon” whatever that means. The full premium service in the US will sell for $10 monthly and is the version that brings support for mobile users. The app in the photo here is the Android version. A basic service for computer use only is $4.99 monthly.

The review over at SlashGear goes in depth into the use of the Android app and it sounds really cool with tons of options and features. If you pay for the Premium service and get your mobile app you can play the tracks in your car if you have an aux input. That sounds like a good alternative to satellite to me. In the end, the Spotify service is something that any music fan needs to buy.

[via SlashGear]