We’ve been anticipating for the Samsung Galaxy S8 since the phone was delayed from February to late March. We understood the reason because of the Note 7 fiasco. We’ve heard dozens of reports of overheating and battery explosion so we were all eyes and ears as soon the Galaxy S8 and S8+ hit the market. We’ve heard of several complaints but nothing major as what the Note 7 owners experienced.

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, the Galaxy S8 has been reported to have a reddish tint in the display panel. A fix was quickly released to update the color temperature. It’s not exactly a dealbreaker but it can be annoying at times. The phone was also reported to be rebooting several times.

The home button also jumps around but for a good purpose–to avoid screen burn-in. Bixby was being hyped but unfortunately, it was delayed due to system and grammar issues. There’s also that iris hack issue but Samsung already cleared that it is unrealistic. These are only minor issues and looks like the phone is doing well in the market. Sales reached over one million in South Korea  and almost five million worldwide already.

When it comes to battery, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ appear to have no problem yet as there are no reports of overheating or explosion, or at least, none that we know of since April.

The Galaxy S8 was released in the market starting April 21. It’s been 50 days since the rollout and it’s been good so far. Certainly, the Galaxy S8 has already surpassed the Note 7’s failure. One major reason could be the stricter quality assurance and standard protocols. We’ve seen a glimpse of the 8-Point Battery Safety Check.

Usually, OEMs use higher battery capacities but not Samsung. The company decided on using the same batteries as the Galaxy S7 and slightly lower than the S7 Edge. We’re assuming the Battery Safety Group formed by Samsung really helped in determining the new safety measures.

VIA: Korea Herald



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