Samsung is remaining positive that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will have the brand regain its place in the hearts of its fans and the mobile industry. The Note 7 debacle last year certainly was a bad situation to be in, making the tech giant skip the Mobile World Congress and delay the Galaxy S8 launch. Some pre-sales have started to ship not only in the United States and South Korea but also in other international markets. Just the other day, we reported that Samsung received 550,000 pre-orders in two days. The number is from South Korea alone so we know the figure is even higher if we are to get information for other markets.

Samsung is aiming for a million orders of the Galaxy S8 to top the 400,000 Note 7 pre-orders last year. In two days, pre-orders hit 200,000 in South Korea for the Note 7. It was the highest ever but obviously, it’s now edged over by the highly anticipated S8. The Galaxy S8 pre-orders already reached 728,000 within six days. Samsung opened pre-sale only last April 7 in its native country and so far, the response is overwhelming.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 duo will be out in major markets beginning April 21 but some early adopters have already received theirs. Those who got the S8 directly from Samsung even received free Amplifier Dock and a Gear VR headset. Now that the new premium flagship phone is out, we’ll wait and see for more comprehensive reviews or comparison analysis. We’re crossing our fingers that there will be no more overheating or explosion.

VIA: Korea IT News