There are no reports of overheating and exploding batteries yet but the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the subject of a few complaints mainly on the display. There seems to be a reddish tint on the screen according to some users. The South Korean tech giant is releasing a software update but is firm on saying there really is no problem on the phone itself. A color revision is needed for some units but to be safe, the update will be made available for all S8 and S8+ owners.

As always, Consumer Reports wants to enter the scene by sharing its review and analysis of the smartphone. First test results of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ by the firm are out and not surprisingly, their phones showed the red tint some consumers have been complaining about.

Overall, the devices could be Samsung’s best-performing smartphones yet. The camera is one of the best they’ve seen. The phone passed the dunk test and its scratch-resistance is better than the Galaxy S7. No doubt that the S8 and S8+ phones are two of the best premium flagships of 2017.

Consumer Reports had eight test phones and four of them showed the red tint. The problem could be easily fixed and imaging experts said it’s not as bad nor “noticeably distorted” when photos were taken.

The reddish tint is definitely present but it shouldn’t be a problem for some owners. Others may not even notice. Adjusting the color balance can be a quick fix but for the OC ones, you can probably wait for the official software update.

VIA: Consumer Reports


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