Samsung Galaxy S8 Rebooting Problem

Samsung has got a new problem. The company may not admit it anytime soon if we are to remember the brand’s stand that the reddist tint is not a problem. Samsung released a software update to fix that “non-issue” and adjust the color temperature. And now, there are complaints being reported that the Galaxy S8 keeps on restarting. We don’t have the figures at the moment but there are many people reporting the same problem on the Samsung Community forum.

We’re expecting similar problems will be reported but we’re hoping they will only be a small percentage of all the S8 owners. Some even reported that their phones didn’t turn back on after a reboot. We don’t know exactly the reason here but some are saying it could be related to a microSD card issue. It’s not clear what that one is but it could be connected to restarting using the SD card. A quick fix done by some people is simply a factory reset but the problem resurfaces after a few hours.

This problem is both happening with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Users have reported seeing a “Transfer files to SD card” notification after restarting the phone but others are saying more problems occured after transfering or removing all the apps from the card.

Samsung is said to be requesting customers to send the affected phones for repair, exchange, or a full refund. This is one big problem that Samsung needs to address because constant restarting will deem the device useless. A lot of issues are happening but we’re hoping a software update will fix them. But first, Samsung needs to acknowledge first that there is indeed a problem.

VIA: SlashGear