Screen burn-in is still possible today. Samsung has brought the phenomenon back in the latest Galaxy S8’s AMOLED screen. This is something unexpected but it’s happening so don’t be surprised is you see the visible home button jumping around the screen. By jumping around, the screen burn-in can be avoided. Usually, a screensaver is enough but in smartphones, the pixels need to be refreshed more often than usual.

This ghosting effect can happen on the new premium flagship phone. We’re not sure why because this one used to happen in older display technologies. Image burning in on the display happens when an image is displayed for a long time. We can’t say it’s a common trait of the Infinity Display because the screen is also Super AMOLED.

Apparently, this Super AMOLED one is more susceptible to screen burn-in. Samsung solves this issue then by making the Always-On-Display contents to jump around on the screen. If not jump around, you may only see the home button or some icons move a bit. The ghosting effect happens but it has a purpose: to prevent the pixels from sitting in the same position for so long. A very slight movement is enough to keep screen burn-in from happening.

VIA: Galaxy Club


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