Samsung Galaxy Note 20

More details are being shared by our favorite Chinese leakster Ice Universe. It seems like another tweet about a mystery phone but when asked if it’s about the Galaxy Note 20, @UniverseIce confirmed that the device will arrive with “Wide frame + flat screen + FHD resolution + 60Hz refresh rate” and continued to say “it’s a desperate specification.” Some will say 60Hz is low but it’s “advanced” compared to other phones although there’s already 90Hz and 120Hz. It doesn’t seem it’s a feature really needed and wanted by many users but even Ice Universe couldn’t “accept any 60Hz mobile phone” as it would cause him serious discomfort.

The Galaxy Note 20 series is expected to arrive in August. An online-only Unpacked event is set to happen. We’ll get to see two or three variants: the regular Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20+, and the Galaxy Note Ultra. The last variant was earlier said to be no longer available but then we heard it could still be introduced.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ camera specs surfaced on the web a couple of weeks ago. Galaxy Note 20 color options were also leaked and we learned the Plus may get a copper option. Another set of Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ renders proved a bigger phone. The Galaxy Note 20+ is also said to be coming with a 4500mAh battery and a periscope camera. Early image renders also surfaced with a mirrored design. We’re not sure about that 100X zoom function.

The phone series will come 16GB of RAM and a bigger fingerprint reader. Displays will be different from each other. With all the information shared, we can say Samsung will release Galaxy Note 20 and even the Galaxy Fold 2 right on schedule.

The issue about the Galaxy Note 20 having a 60Hz must be discussed further. The Galaxy S20 already has a 96Hz refresh rate mode albeit unofficial. The Galaxy S20 variants already support 120Hz so we’re not sure why the Galaxy Note 20 only has 60Hz. We may understand 90Hz but 60Hz is already low for a premium flagship. But then nothing is confirmed by Samsung yet so let’s wait and see.