Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Concept May 2020

For the first time in the Samsung Galaxy Note series’ history, the Galaxy Note 20 will be introduced to the public online. The South Korean tech giant has already made the decision on the schedule of release. It decided on an online launch because of the pandemic. The company usually makes the big reveal live from New York but as we all know, the city has been badly hit by the coronavirus. The Unpacked event for the second half of the year isn’t happening, at least, not live.

The Unpacked launch will now be online. It will be live-streamed all over the world. Major product launches by Samsung are always big and widely publicized. It attracts about 3,000 attendees but things will be different this year—no more mass gathering. It’s no surprise really because of the global situation.

Samsung isn’t the only one doing this. A lot of events have been canceled already. The Mobile World Congress which was supposed to take place in Barcelona last February didn’t happen. The Google I/O 2020 which is supposed to open this week has been canceled as well. The search giant will have the Android 11 Beta Launch Show next month instead.

Samsung has scheduled the Galaxy Note 20 launch for August. The online event may also have the Galaxy Fold 2. It will still be a major event as the company has started discussing how to go about it. It’s not that Samsung hasn’t released anything online yet. Several products have been announced on the web but an online Unpacked event may be different.

Between today and the August online event, we can also expect more subjects to be introduced. Samsung has a number of budget to mid-range phones lined up. There are also software and OS updates to roll out.

No exact date has been provided yet. It’s also not clear if the event will be streamed from the US or South Korea. We’re only certain there will be no live Unpacked event–it will be online only.


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