Samsung Galaxy Fold delay

Samsung may still not be done with the Galaxy Fold even after months of working on it. Actually, to be honest, it’s been years since the South Korean tech giant has started development of the foldable phone. As early as 2016, we learned the company was working on a flexible-foldable display. Back then, we were told two phones with bendable screens and rollable displays would be made. We’ve only seen one model and it’s not near perfect yet. It was unveiled and then canceled due to reports of displays breaking.

The tech giant also canceled foldable phone employee training in China. The market release is officially postponed. Some are saying this June but unfortunately, Samsung isn’t ready yet.

No July launch for Samsung Galaxy Fold is happening as well. Last month, we were told Samsung Galaxy Fold fix was almost done and may be launched again in the near future. Changes may be presented soon but still nothing yet.

This month then started with us learning Samsung Galaxy Fold fix is still not done. We know for sure release is happening very soon but we don’t know when exactly. The latest update we have is from a Samsung Display executive that said Galaxy Fold is ready.

Meanwhile, Samsung is scheduled to launch the Galaxy Note 10 sometime in August. The market rollout may be in September. It’s going to happen even if the Galaxy Fold is delayed. We’re not saying the foldable phone will be further delayed but plans for the Galaxy Note series won’t be affected.

A Samsung official already said, “The Galaxy Note 10 will have its own timeline for its debut in August, regardless of the Galaxy Fold’s launch schedule.” We’re looking at an August 7 announcement according to some sources. We’ll get to see if the quad rear camera will be implemented.

This year, we’re expecting a Galaxy Note duo. There will be a regular Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro. We’ve told you a lot of things about the Note 10 so let’s just wait and see.