Much has been said about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 but the phone isn’t due until August. There’s the possibility of a bigger and better screen, a new Note S Pen camera, quad-camera system, keyless design, and the idea it may be out in two sizes. The next-gen premium flagship is likely to have a quad camera setup, at least, one of the multiple models which we’ve been saying will be the Note 10 Pro. A 5G model will come according to Verizon. That information tells us the Android phone will be available from the carrier.

Samsung usually releases the Galaxy Note phone series every August first week but this year, it may change as per a marketing calendar leaked. Verizon is now believed to be launching on the third week instead. Evan Blass (@evleaks) has shared the information with a screenshot of the calendar.

This news is different from the August 10 date previously reported but it’s not at all bad. The slight delay may also happen to the next iPhone lineup which may be out in the third or fourth week of September.

We’re expecting more Galaxy Note 10 information will be shared in the coming weeks. We’re excited to confirm if the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro will have a fast-charging 4500mAh battery instead of 50W.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will not use the new 64MP CMOS yet but it will come with a rear camera setup–one of which is a 5X zoom camera. The keyless design is something to look forward to as an earlier image render shows no headphone jack and buttons.

Some Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series image renders and 360-degree video showed up so we have an idea. A Samsung Galaxy Note 10e with a small battery may also be out as one of two Galaxy Note 10 models.