What’s the latest about the Samsung Galaxy Fold? It’s already June and we haven’t seen the new premium foldable phone from the South Korean tech giant. We’re still hoping for the best especially since Huawei isn’t releasing the Mate X anytime soon–at least, not yet. Samsung didn’t do a May rollout but initially promised a June relaunch as per AT&T. And then we were told it may no longer see a June release. At this point, we just want to know if the phone will still see the light of day.

Many people are still hopeful and with this news that there are eleven firmware available for the Galaxy Fold, we’re feeling positive. The Samsung foldable smartphone seems to have a few issues that need fixing. The display issue is only one but some testers have reported seeing popular apps’ interfaces like Instagram and Facebook are being cut. Sometimes, images are being blown up that you need to zoom out or scroll down to see the caption or comments.

Most of those issues are minor. A simple software update could fix them. But the problem of the display breaking is serious. It’s a hardware issue that may need a major change in software, design, or maybe even production.

Samsung still has time to straighten things out. The mobile industry just hopes everything will be ready because the foldable phone certainly has potential.

Removing the pre-installed screen protector could be the reason for the screen breaking but it shouldn’t be. It’s a protective layer alright but it’s not really part of the phone’s design.

Samsung still hasn’t made things clear but we’re looking forward to an official explanation and solution. We’re crossing our fingers the company will add more warning and popups so the users will be fully informed. Let’s wait and see.


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