This week in tech news we’ve had our share of reviews, unboxings, and even some much needed software updates. We had heard Monday the ASUS Transformer Prime would be launching December 8th from a Newegg pre-order page. Needless to say, we got the official word from ASUS confirming that same date Wednesday which turned out false. The Prime will arrive stateside on December 19th. The device is simply amazing, and we’ve got an excellent hands-on to prove it. Though our official review isn’t out yet – you can check out the one over at our sister-site SlashGear. Yet another video taken compares the Transformer Prime to the Apple iPad 2 – a great matchup indeed.

The entire week Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners were awaiting an update from Google to help fix the volume bugs. They had even stopped selling the devices for a while, but by Tuesday officials said a fix had been made and sales resumed. For the Galaxy Nexus phones already sold, an OTA update was forwarded to your devices Wednesday. There’s still no word of when we may see the Verizon branded Galaxy Nexus with 4G LTE speeds, but more information on it consistently appeared throughout the week. Actual Verizon press images were revealed, and an anonymous tip lead us over to a clip demonstrating its 4G LTE speeds. Also shown, was how easily Verizon’s “bloatware” can be disabled from the new Nexus; a feature I’m glad was incorporated. As for Flash support, Adobe promises a December launch – so keep your eyes peeled in the Android Market.

The LG Nitro HD was officially announced Monday, and just recently our own Michael Crider was able to post a hands-on demonstration. The HD display looks amazing, and is a great upgrade over previous LG devices. Hopefully upon launch, the LG Nitro will see its 50GB of free storage recently reported. Also eligible for a free 50GB will are Sony XPERIA owners – hopefully we see this trend to all manufacturers; living in the cloud is where it’s at.

I’m sure you’ve heard of recently busted Carrier IQ – a software preinstalled on many devices that records keystrokes and web traffic. If you want to see if you’re a culprit to Carrier IQ, try out this Android app that will actually detect if you have it! I’ve tried it on mine, and so far it says I’m safe. Finally, check out the future of Samsung’s Exynos processing line – the Exynos 5250 dual-core processor is said to be clocked at 2GHz. There’s no doubt it will set new standards, but how high will they actually be?