The Verizon Galaxy Nexus just keeps on leaking and taunting us. Sooner or later I might just start an occupy Verizon campaign — who’s with me? Now that I have you angered we’ve received a screenshot showing the Verizon Gnex updated to Android 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich, leaving us to believe it’s finally ready for prime time and should be announced soon. So have faith my friends. Not only that but below is also another leaked video showing off some Verizon 4G LTE speedtests on the Galaxy Nexus hero phone.

We’ve seen our fair share of leaks over the past few days and even official press shots, although none of this confirms anything. We are hopeful that the pictured above 4.1 update is a sign things are lined up and should get the go ahead soon. The volume fix has been pushed in an update and now all we are waiting for seems to be Verizon to get their ducks in line.

Below we also have a leaked video from our friendly Android Community reader that is lucky enough to be enjoying this smartphone already. He’s ran a few speedtest results while in a pretty weak 4G area only sporting two bars of signal and gets around 10 Mbps download speeds. Obviously many factors come into play here so this isn’t really anything I’d worry about or be concerned with. At least it’s nice to see the Galaxy Nexus cruising along with 4G LTE though right? Now all we need is to be able to enjoy this ourselves and we’ll all be happy. Our leakster has informed us that it performs much better in other locations with a higher signal, but that is to be expected. — Thanks Anonymous!

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