Well folks, it appears the Galaxy Nexus over on Verizon has leaked again today and we now have a few more pictures for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to one of our friendly Android Community readers we now have a few shots of the Verizon bloatware (only a few apps) and proof that they can easily be disabled right on the device just like any app in Ice Cream Sandwich. Below are the photos showing the Verizon Galaxy Nexus including data usage, and the bloatware actually disabled.

The Verizon 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus was also leaked in a few pictures and videos yesterday. Tie that in with the pictures coming out today and the new Visual Voicemail app specifically for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus I’d say this phone is coming soon — although your guess is still as good as mine.

Here we see the data usage monitoring present in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and you can see that in the leaked images below. I know the Gnex being a Google experience device many weren’t happy to see that Verizon was still loading up some VZW bloatware applications, even though it was only a few. It is nice to see that those few items can be easily disabled right from the application manager and will disappear from your app tray. For those worried about bloatware it seems no root will be required to keep this beautiful Google device completely stock as Google intended.

Latest rumors are pointing to a December 11th release. We can only wait and hope right?

— Thanks Anonymous!

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  1. can you disable the fact that because the OS is an altered OS that the updates will have to come through verzion? Oh, didn’t think so…call it what you will, but *that* is the issue, not that you can or cannot disable the stupid software.

    • Really missed to hear Verizon¬†messed¬†with the OS AT ALL! Kirk is probably right about the updates needing to come from Verizon, not Google for this phone. I’m gonna be REALLY PISSED if this delays all the updates Google pushes for their Nexus devices.¬†

      • no they can’t mess with the updates because google controls the nexus device. Verizon probably had to pay a pretty penny to even get 2 bloatware apps on the nexus.¬†

      • To me bloatware isn’t as bad as a complete re-skinning/re-writing of the OS ala Blur, Sense, or TouchWiz. They’re just app additions not a fundamental change in the OS so the updates should still be good coming from Google. And why in the world does Earth come pre-installed? That seems like bloatware to me, proving that Google is just as guilty as vzw of polluting their own OS. As long as the OS itself remains unchanged apps shouldnt be a big deal.

    • I think they’re saying it’s not an altered OS, that the Verizon additions are just apps that can be disabled. ¬†So I think it could still get direct updates. ¬†I’d like to see that verified, of course.

      Still, I thought part of the point of the Nexus devices was that they were absolutely pure as the driven snow, and it’s very, very disappointing to see any bloatware added by Verizon. ¬†That could be a very slippery slope. ¬†Once you let them monkey around with the phone a little bit, they’ll be pushing for more and more.

      Once again, this a major problem with Android (and I’m a big fan overall). ¬†Do you think Apple lets the carriers muck around with the iPhone OS? ¬†

      • It is an altered OS. These apps were put behind the system directory not the data directory meaning that you must root to uninstall them.

  2. Bloatware has such negative connotations… Bloatware can really be seen as anything preloaded and unwanted, and there is alot of preloaded unwanted crap that doesn’t come from the carrier. I don’t like things preloaded on my phone, but if you really break down someone needs it on there. A lot of new smartphone users don’t quite understand how to use their phone and need some kind of guidance a la preloads. So really, where is halfway point here? I say Google found it with allowing the customer to disable the apps. I think the real and valid concern comes with how this now stalls updates to the customer. As long as Verizon doesn’t try to commondeer the OS with more apps, I really don’t see an issue with these (then again I use the hell out these to back my shit up and pay my bill). All in all Google is going to give the manufacturer the updates to distribute. Don’t be sullen and think that the carrier doesn’t touch the updates at all. I swear we are talking about preloaded apps here… Not whether or not a holiday bonus is coming…

    • uh guy, that’s one of the many beautiful things about a Nexus, no waiting for carrier updates, Nexus gets them direct from Google

      • Obviously the carrier was able to mess with it as proven by the inclusion of crapware behind the system folder that doesn’t exist in the unlocked GSM version.

  3. Those are the ONLY 2 apps I would accept being on the phone. The only irritating thing is that they cannot actually be uninstalled, though if they couldn’t be disabled I doubt Google would have allowed them. What is not acceptable is the 5 different v-cast apps, games, and other crap normally on verizons phones. Backup assistant allows current Verizon customers to restore contacts and MyVerizon is useful for paying bills and checking data/minutes usage. If this delays updates though, they have no excuse.


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