When winning friends and influencing people, it’s hard to overstate the effectiveness of giving away free stuff. Box.net seems to understand this, as LG is the latest company to partner with the cloud storage service. Users of all LG Android phones now have access to 50 gigabytes of free storage on their Box.net accounts, mirroring recent moves from Sony and HP.

To activate the extra free storage, just download the Box.net Android Market app on your LG phone and log in, or create a new account. Your storage should be immediately bumped from the standard free plan of 5GB to 50GB, a ten-fold increase for you manufacturer patronage. Just like previous promotions, the extra storage is tied to your Box.net account, not your hardware, and should stick with you for as long as you keep the account.

LG is the third manufacturer to offer free Box.net upgrades to its customers, behind Sony Ericsson and HP. HP first offered the deal to users of the defunct TouchPad, then Sony followed with all of its XPERIA devices. (Note: the Sony deal may not be activated yet – give Box.net another try next week or so if you can’t see your extra storage.) Between the three of them hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of customers have access to a comparatively huge amount of cloud storage for free, a major boon for Box.net – and reason for its competitors to stand up and take notice.

[via AndroidGuys]