20,000 songs on Google Music? Paltry. 5GB of DropBox storage for HTC phones? Child’s play. Sony Ericsson is pumping up the value proposition with 50 gigabytes of free online storage for all users of its XPERIA Android phones. That’s an undeniably useful feature as more and more consumers move into the cloud. Activation is easy, and it lasts for the life of your Box.net account.

Activating the offer is simple: just download the Box.net Android app on your Sony Android phone and log in. According to Sony’s post, that’s all you need to do, though apparently some users are experiencing early issues. The offer is valid until December 31st 2012, so a lot of Sony customers will be able to take advantage of it. The 50GB offer will follow your account for life, even if you don’t keep your XPERIA phone.

The move mirror’s HP’s decision to partner with Box.net, giving TouchPad owners 50GB of free storage back in August. Between free could storage and the promise of upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich updates, the XPERIA line is starting to look even more attractive. Box.net is becoming a serious competitor in its own right, thanks in no small part to the word-of-mouth that the company is generating from these partnerships.

UPDATE: It looks like Sony jumped the gun a little bit. In another blog post, the company told customers that the Box.net addition isn’t quite ready yet. It looks like they still intend to go forward with the promotion at some point in the future, but XPERIA owners won’t see the additional storage at the moment.

[via Phone Arena]