This week Pixelpipe was introduced into the world providing all G1 owners the ability to better get photos off of you handset and onto the Internet. Publish photos to your favorite social networking site such as MySpace or Facebook. Brad Fitzpatric has managed to give the G1 a nice little feature that allows users to use their handset as a garage door opener.

Fantastic news for all of us Android fans, Andy Rubin demoed Flash on a G1 handset at Adobe’s MAX event. This is definitely good to see as the iPhone still has yet to make it that far. Another company in China is making yet another claim that they will have an Android-powered handset. At first we didn’t know if Sciphone’s “Dream G2” was a joke or if they were really serious. Apparently they will have an odd-looking touchscreen handset by the end of November, they better get cracking!

There have been more reports that the G1 is capable of multi-touch. Apparently the screen itself works just fine with multi-touch. A user by the name of RyeBrye has managed to discover the Synaptics touchscreen has some code that has intentionally been left out. Once he recompiled the kernel with the code put back in he was able to track two separate finger presses at one time. If G1 owners are already getting sick of the available games in the Android Market then Phoload is here to save the day. Pholad is now adding support for Google’s Android platform, bringing even more free games to the table.

Earlier this week we reported a rumor that NTT DoCoMo along with South Korea’s KT Freetel were working together on an Android-powered handset for release in China. Almost immediately KT Fretel came fourth denying any work with NTT DoCoMo on an Android. Soon after those reports came in NTT DoCoMo came clean as well stating that they are indeed working on an Android-powered handset, just not with KT Fretel.

Reports also came in stating that the recent shipments of T-Mobile G1 handsets are coming in with the addition of a 3.5mm headphone jack with microphone. No more purchasing adapters in order to use your favorite headphones to listen to music. We also received work that the beta version of Android for Openmoko’s FreeRunner will be available the first week of December. Openmoko has wasted no time in delivering this to their customers.

TouchDown is bringing yet more Exchange support to Android users. TouchDown keeps Google’s information separate from your Exchange info while only providing users with a great way to fetch their information, but also allows users to check for new email and events periodically. Can it be, another country getting the G1? Yes, the Philippines are going to be the next to get the G1, because the demand seems high enough. It’s about time that the US sees the white G1. Many people have speculated as to why we have not yet been able to purchase the white G1, but users in the UK have. Whatever the case it does not matter, those who have waited do not have to wait any longer.