Pixelpipe has come to the rescue with an easy way to get photos off of your Android and out into the world. You can now upload photos to your favorite social network, micro-blog, photo/video and blog services then with Pixelpipe.

There are many photo and video service that are supported including, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Photobucket, Nokia Ovi, Phanfare, Smugmug, vimeo, ImageShack, pikeo, webshots, kyte, FotoTime, Zooomr, Fotki, 23hq, 72 photos, ipernity, Viddler, Shutterfly, photobox, Kodak Gallery, Windows Live, Mobypicture & Gallery Menalto. As you can tell there is already plenty of support behind Pixelpipe with more to come.

Pixelpipe Features include:

  • Upload once and we’ll take care of the distribution, no need to send to each destination individually
  • Ability to add and configure destinations from the Phone or online at Pixelpipe.com
  • Complimentary desktop applications available for OS X, Windows and Linux
  • Background uploading!
  • Integration with the “Share” menu in other application
  • Preservation of geotags when available