NitroDesk has released another solution to syncing your contacts with your Android-powered handset. This method is entirely within the application itself, no need for any PC client. TouchDown securely connects to corporate exchange systems to provide users with instant access to contacts, email and calendar information.

TouchDown not only provides users with a great way to fetch their information, but also allows users to check for new email and events periodically. TouchDown is designed to keep Exchange and Google information separated. “While the information is separately maintained, we do not rule out the possibility of features in the future that enable synchronization or at least selective movement between the stores”, claims NitroDesk.

Users can now download TouchDown from the NitroDesk website. NitroDesk plans to have their application on Initially users will be able to download the free trial with all of the features enabled. Licenses can then be purchased wherever the application was downloaded from for $29.99. There is no word yet on whether we will be seeing TouchDown in the Android Market.

[Via PRWeb]