China just seems to be doing everything in their power to get an Android-powered handset as soon as possible. China deserves a pat on the back because they have managed to get one before the end of 2008. Meet Sciphone’s “Dream G2”, you’ve got to love the name it must have been so hard to come up with.

As the name implies, this phone looks like trash. This brick of a device will run on the Edge network, have a 4-megapixel camera with autofocus, 50mb internal memory with microSD card slot capable of up to 16GB, FM radio, Wi-Fi, QVGA 2.8” display, and “the most advanced software ever engineered.” By that statement we know that this handset will be running as they put it, “OS: Android ? Home Edition V1.0 OS support.” The most we would spend on this device is $10 or $15 just to see what it’s like.

By the looks of it, this phone won’t be making it to many Christmas lists this year, even though it is set to release on November 28th. From what we can see in the blurry photos there is no physical keyboard. If you guys need a phone that is capable of playing music your in luck, this handset also has an “Android Media Player ? v1.0 Media Player, supports MP3 and MIDI.” Bottom line is do not purchase this phone because they apparently do not even know what it is they are talking about.

[Via Sciphone]