Welcome to the first of many Android Community Nightlies we’ll be enjoying together in the future. No, we aren’t talking about the latest CM or AOKP nightly ROM build either. Instead we’ll be focusing on one simple post each evening to let you catch up and enjoy all the Android news from the day. So with that we’ll jump right into today’s Android Community Nightly full of new games, Android 4.2.1 and more.

We’ll start with hardware and jump into the many different bits of software and game news that happened today. The Samsung Galaxy Note II from Verizon became available today in stores and online, then Samsung announced their Galaxy S Advance would be enjoying Android 4.1 Jelly Bean come January. Hopefully by January Samsung will have updated all their Galaxy S III, Note II’s, and many of their recent Galaxy Tablets too.

Then probably the most exciting and nostalgia filled news today was the release of Jet Set Radio for Android. Can you say awesomeeee! Following that we also received a price drop for the official Predators game for Android too — which is almost as awesome as Jet Set Radio. In other game news Angry Birds Star Wars received an update with the HOTH, 20 new levels, and Princess Leia even was included. Other software news includes YouTube adding more languages to their closed caption support, and Samsung’s remote app Peel getting an expansion.

Consumer reports came out with their report on carriers and networks today, and as usual Verizon took first place while AT&T is in dead last — again. I wonder if they should start docking Verizon points for being slow to release devices, and the worst when it comes to Android updates. In other news Google Play is slowly gaining ground on Apple’s App Store, and Amazon’s own 3rd party store received a quickie software update too.

In more Google and Jelly Bean news the folks from Mountain View released the Android 4.2.1 factory images for the Nexus 4, 7, and Galaxy Nexus — so that’s good news. Speaking of Google, Maps Navigation is now available in Mexico, and Google’s trying to develop software that will guess what you might search before you even search it — or think it — creepy right? That is some big brother stuff but at the same time I love where technology is headed. This is only the beginning!

To wrap things up this evening Zynga released a rather fun game called Clay Jam, Sharp is releasing their own 5-inch 1080p smartphone next month, and Google showed us an awesome company that made an app that does Instant Google Street View searches. For any and all Android news that you might have missed this afternoon, click any of the multiple links above to get your daily Android fix!

See you tomorrow!