Good old Google is always thinking of ways to better their apps and services. Things like Google Maps Navigation, Street View, or the impressive instant Google search. Instant search and autocomplete was a huge task by Google and something we use daily. Start typing a word and it guesses it for you, saves you keystrokes, and works like a charm. What if we have instant Google street view too? Well, someone’s developed exactly that.

When you type into Google search on any platform it predicts what you’ll be typing, and thus makes searches faster and easier. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have this same feature on Google Maps with street view. Today on Google’s Geo Developer Blog they’re featuring a company that has built a rather interesting system for doing just that. It starts off with a simple Instant Street View search page as shown above, and as you type it predicts what you’re searching for and shows you a street view of said location, and even predicts it before you finish. You’ll be looking at that old road where you grew up before you even finish the street name.

Pretty neat right? The company is called QSView and it sounds like Google’s a pretty big fan of said company. Maybe we’ll see Google purchase them in the future, and add this to their many features available on our Android smartphones and tablets. Instant Street View uses Google’s autocomplete library and will find the street you search for as you type as we mentioned above. By the time you’re done you won’t have to hit “search” because you’ll already be looking at the destination.

“Instant Street View uses the Google Places Library Autocomplete Service to quickly get the location you’re looking for. It uses the Street View Service to display the Street View panoramas. And when you’ve found what you want to look at, you share it via your favorite social media or get a quick map view:

Most of all, we love that it’s fast. So get out there and share some great images from Instant Street View.”

Recently Google’s been all about getting us the information we need, and doing so quickly. They’ve added tons of features to Google Now for Android that shares location based details, time, notifications, flight information and more all automatically on our Android devices. I’m a huge fan of Google now. Then this afternoon we reported they’ve been conducting studies where they’ll try to predict what we search for, basically before we even do it. Pretty crazy technology when you really think about it, almost scary.

Pretty awesome ideas are behind Instant Street View. Hopefully Google snags this company up and integrates it into all of our favorite devices. That would be great. Thoughts?

[via Tech Crunch]