Earlier this week we reported that Amazon‘s AppStore was now available in Japan, but before being pushed to other regions they also issued a quick software update fixing a few bugs and improving the user interface. This week Amazon updated their 3rd party Android Appstore to terminate a few bugs, as well as solve the Android 4.2 multi-user login problem.

Google’s new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean has tablet support for multi-user logins, something that was causing some serious trouble for the Amazon store. Luckily this latest update has solved that problem, so users that have managed to snag a shiny new Nexus 10, or updated their Nexus 7 should be able to proceed without issues. A small but problematic bug, that’s for sure.

Amazon has also improved the speed and performance of their store, along with solving what’s been an outstanding battery drain issue. Many users have been reporting the Appstore drains their battery, and Amazon has apparently fixed a few behind the scenes things to solve that problem. It might be time to give the Amazon Appstore another try folks.

Then there’s a quick user interface change and improvement too, as you see above. They’ve added the options to remove apps from the “My Apps” list so you don’t have to scroll forever through some of those free app of the day apps you never ended up enjoying. You can now remove them from your list. As far as the UI goes it mainly just got polished up a bit to closer resemble the latest Android 4.0 powered Kindle Fire OS. For those that love the Amazon Appstore get the latest version today.

— Thanks Bill