We knew this was coming, but this morning it’s finally here. After Google started pushing out Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean to multiple devices, then followed it up by pushing the newest version of Android to AOSP, we now have factory images for almost all of the recent Nexus devices. If you head to Google’s factory image page you’ll find everything you need.

For those wondering what factory images are, you might just want to download a game like the just lowered Predators instead. All jokes aside factory images are extremely helpful for modders, hackers, and developers alike wanting to get their device back to absolutely the same factory stock state as they arrived.

As usual, the good news comes from Jean-Baptiste Queru in the Google Building Group and it looks like they are supporting everything but the Nexus 10 at this moment. Factory images to Android 4.2.1 are available for the Nexus 7 (3G included) LG Nexus 4, and the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus 10 was having a few issues so we’ll have to wait for that factory image to be released according to Android Police.

It looks like Google’s also dropped driver binaries for Android 4.2.1 for all of those devices today too. Most importantly however is it also appears that they are sharing the Galaxy Nexus (toro) Verizon driver binaries too. If you need a factory image for any of these devices you can start by clicking here. Enjoy!


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