The Google Assistant is on a roll. It’s getting the “What’s this song?” trigger soon while Spanish and Italian were recently made available. It can be your workout buddy this holiday season and use it together with your Canary security devices, WyzeCam, Chromecast, AirPods, Nest, and QuietComfort 35 II among others. Expect more similar integrations like this one with several Android TVs from Sony.

The company just announced the good news that some 2016 and 2017 models of Sony 4K HDR TVs powered by Android TV can take advantage of the Google Assistant. With this integration, you can control your other smart appliances and gadgets just by talking to your Sony TV. Actually, you will have to speak to your remote for the Sony TV to understand your voice commands. Simply push the mic button and say a command or ask any question. As in the usual Google Assistant manner, the Sony TV can stream music, display photos, search for content, check answers to questions, control the unit and other smart home devices.

The Google Assistant on your Sony TV can be activated after you get the software update. This brings a number of changes and improvements to your Sony 4K HDR Android TV device. Watch your favorite shows on Netflix or YouTube just by simply saying “Play this or that” and the Google Assistant will play a video or episode for you. You can also ask the Google Assistant for new videos, popular titles, and highly rated stuff. While watching a video, you are free to ask Google more information about it.

Since Google got new Home Control partners, we’re expecting more devices are now supported by Google Home and the Google Assistant. Over a thousand devices can understand Google and follow your voice commands. As for Sony, here are the smart TVs that come with the Google Assistant–all 2017 Sony Android TVs, Sony XBR-Z9D, XBR-X750, X700D, and XBR-X800D.