Fall is the signal that we’re all about to consume a whole lot of food over the next few months. We’re not saying you should not partake of all the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas feasts that will come our way. But we should probably exercise and work out regularly if we want to burn all those fats and calories we’ll be consuming. And if you’re looking for a workout buddy, Google Assistant is volunteering to help you get moving.

Of course, the great thing about this is that you don’t have to pick up your phone and type out reminders and give your smartphone commands. The voice-activated digital assistant is pretty handy when you’re doing something else and yet you want to tell your smartphone something or give it command, especially related to any fitness activity that you’re doing or you want to do. Now the challenge would be to actually do those things or else having Google Assistant to be your workout buddy will be useless.

You can say, “Ok Google, remind me to walk at 5 PM every day”. Or if you’re looking for a nearby yoga studio, just ask it to scan the area (or rather, its Google Maps). You can also ask questions like “What’s the nearest running area?” or ask it how to get there. You can also ask it to set a “cool down” timer after your workout so you won’t forget to stretch.

It’s good that Google occasionally reminds us how Google Assistant can actually help make our lives a little bit easier. A lot of people probably forget or even don’t know all the various tricks that it can do with just an “Ok Google”.

SOURCE: Google