You would assume that all Google products will be able to work across all Google platforms and devices. But for some probably complicated reasons, that’s not always the case. For example, you cannot use Google Assistant on your smartphone to control any of your Chromecast devices. Well, it looks like they have finally solved that problem as users are saying that they can now play music and videos on any of the Chromecast-supported devices by commanding Google Assistant from the comfort of your smartphone.

Previously, you could only tell Google Assistant to play a certain video or play the next song through Google Assistant from your Google Home (well, if you had one). But even if your smartphone had GA running already, you still couldn’t do the same. But reports from some users show that Assistant can now accept your orders for Chromecast playback from your smartphone. You can even choose which Chromecast device to send your media to, whether it’s Audio, TV, built-in speakers, etc.

If you don’t have a Google Home and yet your smartphone has Assistant, then you don’t need the former to be able to pause, play, stop, resume, turn the volume up and down, and other playback controls. Just tell your GA what to do through the latter. And if you do have the Google Home smart speakers but it’s far from where you currently are, again, just use your smartphone to play whatever you want on your Chromecast-enabled devices.

This doesn’t solve all of Google’s connectivity problems, but it’s one more thing to tick off their probably long list. The rollout of the update seems to be going slowly though, so be a bit patient and just wait for your Google Assistant to be fully Chromecast functional.

VIA: Android Police


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