When Bose announced that their new QuietComfort 35 II headphones comes with Google Assistant support, some probably wondered why you would need a digital voice assistant when you’re just listening to music or watching a video. But of course, if you want to make your life to be more connected and a little more convenient, then this would be a big help. A series of videos posted on their YouTube channel shows how it will work with your wireless headphones.

With just a tap on the special Google Assistant button, it will read out your latest notifications, like the time and if you have a message from a contact. Actually, when you receive a message, it will notify you, but if you want it read back to you, you’ll have to press the button. But you can also ignore the notification by not doing anything. And the next time someone that ignored contact sends a message, you’ll just hear a beep. You can manage your spoken notifications on the Google Assistant app if you find them actually annoying.

The more useful part of having Google Assistant on your earphones is that you can ask it to reply to your messages without having to pick up your phone. You can also ask it to play music, for example, a specific genre like pop, with just one tap of the button. You can also ask information, like your schedule for the day, the weather, or even information it can get from search. Again, just tapping on the special button and talking while wearing your headphones will do the trick.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II is available for pre-order for the Triple Black, Midnight Blue, and Yellow Citron colors but if you prefer the simple Silver and Black version, then you can already order it through bose.com and authorized retail stores. It will cost you $349.95 and will be available in key markets like the US, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, and the UK.


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