Samsung Flexible OLED Display

Samsung is working on a flexible-foldable smartphone. We’re already certain of that since the idea has been passed around since the year 2016. We’ve filled pages about the subject and we’re excited to finally see and experience the technology. The South Korean tech giant has confirmed a foldable smartphone but no details are available. We’re not sure if it’s the same as its being the first to roll out a 5G foldable smartphone but we believe the foldable screen phone category will see China-South Korea brands in a battle.

In November, Samsung will be having a developer conference and people are saying the company will be announcing important information on the first foldable device.

The Samsung Developer Conference is happening soon. We’re hoping the Galaxy X phone will be teased there before the official launch in January 2019. You see, the company has been working on the phone for years. We’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy X patent showing a foldable smartphone operation. It could be the most expensive Samsung flagship.

Samsung confirmed the foldable phone. We thought it would be out this 2018 but still nothing—only teasers, speculations, uncovered support pages, sketches and patent application, certifications, and more rumors.

Samsung is determined to launch the world’s first foldable smartphone but Huawei is also set to get ahead of the Galaxy X. The Huawei foldable phone wants to beat Samsung to the punch so it’s interesting to see how the story unfolds.

So far, we know the foldable phone will not feature a hinged display but a real foldable-flexible screen. Development is said to be in the last stages so we’re excited to finally see and get a hold of the smartphone codenamed as “Winner”. It will feature three 3.5-inch OLED panels set in an in-folding structure.

The phone’s prototype may be ready around November. If not, there’s the CES 2019 and the Mobile World Congress–or Samsung can set an Unpacked event anytime.

VIA: Korea Herald