As we would always say, it is never too early for rumors, speculations, and leaks. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was first heard last November 2018 when it was mentioned the phone would have a bigger and better screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen camera patent was granted and we learned the next-gen Note may implement a quad-camera system. The smartphone could also feature a keyless design. The quad camera setup is sure and the phone may be out in two sizes according to several sources.

The idea of a Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro has been floating around. The quad cameras may follow the Galaxy A9 and not the Galaxy S10’s triple rear cam setup.

The Note 10 may be the first time Samsung is releasing multiple models of the Galaxy Note at the same time. The Galaxy Note 10 Pro could be one variant’s final name and a Note 10 5G model may also be ready.

A recent tweet from our favorite Chinese leakster Ice universe (@UniverseIce) teases us some information:

The model N975 aka Samsung Note 10 Pro may offer a 4G option apart from the 5G, meaning non-5G. The battery could be 4500mAh with 25w fast charging support. Verizon has mentioned the 5G model. It will still have the S Pen camera but an improved version. The Galaxy Note 10 Pro obviously will have a better and bigger screen.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is special because it follows the 10th Anniversary premium flagship Galaxy S10 and the controversial Samsung Galaxy Fold. The latter has been recalled due to display breaking even before the public release.

We’re expecting the South Korean tech giant will implement some previous features and newer tech meant for the next-gen Galaxy S11 due next year. We’ll focus on the Note 10 series first before we start speculation on the next Galaxy S smartphone.


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