Samsung Galaxy S10 In-display Fingerprint Sensor

We’re almost half a year before the expected Samsung Galaxy S10 launch. This particular model is interesting because it will be first from the South Korean tech company with an on-screen fingerprint display. Others call it an in-display fingerprint sensor but we also know Samsung calls it the Fingerprint On Display (FOD). The technology will combine an ultrasonic display, GIS module, and O-film. We’ve got word the Global Initiatives Symposium in Taiwan (GIS) will be supplying the fingerprint recognition modules for the Galaxy S10. The device will be introduced in the first half of 2018 but we know it will come after the Galaxy X.

The fingerprint recognition module from the touch-screen panel maker will be available on the Samsung Galaxy S10 as a built-in feature. It will be mounted under the display and is said to work smoothly and seamlessly.

Qualcomm’s ultrasound technology will be used on the Samsung Galaxy S10. It’s the third-gen already so we’re assuming it will be close to perfect. Common issues should be gone by the time the S10 is announced.

GIS Taiwan and Qualcomm are working closely now with Samsung for the Galaxy S10. They will be implementing the ultrasound-based display fingerprint recognition module on the Android phone. In this case, ultrasonic technology will be more responsive because the sensor isn’t exposed to the outside.

Samsung has always been one of the first in the mobile industry to use fingerprint recognition on a smartphone. Other OEMs soon followed. The on-screen fingerprint sensor technology has been under development for over two years now but the company has experienced some bumps and delays.

We were expecting the tech to be applied on the Galaxy S9 but nothing. The phone still had the rear fingerprint sensor. The Galaxy Note 9 also used the same tech as there’s no under-display fingerprint tech.

The embedded, on-screen fingerprint sensor technology wasn’t ready yet from Samsung but Vivo was able to make it with the release of the Vivo X20 Plus UD.

Now, we’ve been hearing related reports about the display specs as the screen may also work as the earpiece. The phone, codenamed ‘Beyond’, may have triple camerasall advanced. The three cameras matter for several reasons but the three variants will have features that keep them apart.

SOURCE: etnews