As we always say, it is never too early to discuss the next-gen premium flagship offering from any company. It doesn’t matter especially when we’re talking about the next Galaxy S model. We’re still anticipating the Galaxy Note 9 but we know we can also look into the Galaxy S10 (or Galaxy 10). We’re certain the South Korean tech giant will be making it more special since it will be the 10th Anniversary edition. We haven’t mentioned anything related to the phone except for that quick rumor it would come with 3D sensing camera solutions.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is said to be bigger than the S9 as per display specifications that leaked. There will still be the larger Galaxy S10 Plus and both will have Infinity Display. Samsung has finalized specifications for the S10 series display according to industry watchers.

As with previous models, the Infinity Display aims to lessen the left and right bezels. The next S10 and S10 Plus are believed to have a 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch screen, respectively. Those two are slightly larger than the previous models.

We can’t say yet if Samsung will implement a foldable display but that’s what some people are rooting for. We can consider it as a rumor for now because we’re not sure if the technology is fully ready. The on-screen, in-display fingerprint sensor is something we want to see but it really is up to Samsung. We’re crossing our fingers it will be ready for the Galaxy Note 9 so the S10 will have the fine-tuned version.

VIA: The Bell