The foldable phone category hasn’t really taken flight because Samsung’s first device offering, the Galaxy Fold, has been postponed. Huawei hasn’t released the Mate X yet although we’re expecting it will happen anytime soon. Best Buy canceled pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Fixes are almost done and it may be launched again soon but while waiting, let’s look into foldable phones from other OEMs. There’s the Google Pixel foldable phone, Rouyu FlexPai, and the mysterious Motorola RAZR foldable phone leaked on Weibo.

Other OEMs that have foldable phone plans include those from Nubia, LG, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and ZTE. An OPPO foldable phone patent surfaced last year and we thought it may be followed by OnePlus. We’re still waiting for one even after the MWC 2019 presentation. But then again we were told the OPP foldable phone won’t be available yet.

A prototype was shown off back in February with a pop-up camera. The design isn’t exactly new but it may be the first foldable phone with such hidden selfie camera.

LetsGoDigital shows a set of 3D renders of what could be the OPPO foldable phone. It’s possible it will implement OPPO K3’s or something more like the OPPO Reno.

These are only production renders of the OPPO foldable phone based on materials discovered on the Global Design Database of the WIPO. Not many details have been provided but the description says it is for a folding phone with a telescopic camera. The telescopic camera could be a pop-up camera instead of a zoom camera.

Interestingly, a foldable phone with a real telescopic camera isn’t far from happening because there is the OPPO Reno 10X Zoom edition. OPPO could be implementing the same technology or even improve on it.

The OPPO foldable phone folds out to reveal a tablet. The pop-up camera is on the left. It seems the camera can take photos both when the display is folded and unfolded.

A 3.5mm headphone jack is still there. The mic is on top while a second mic is found at the bottom. A volume button is on left near the SIM card tray. On the right side, you won’t see anything.