The foldable phone era is just starting. Alongside 5G phones, these foldable phones are expected to deliver major changes in the mobile industry. Just last month, we saw ZTE foldable phone image renders. Those are only renders but they gave us a glimpse of many possibilities. It’s very much different from the ZTE Axon M with dual screens but this time, the Nubia brand is showing off a smartphone with flexible screen design. Again, a set of renders has been provided.

The LetsGoDigital team shared the images. After the Nubia Alpha, the ZTE sub-brand could be introducing a flexible-foldable phone. The display could be anything from the designs you can see below.

A published patent file was sighted, showing off information about a flexible smartphone. Two design patents are available. There are Nubia foldable phone models with a flexible screen and dual notch with another set with just one notch.

This patent was filed as early as March 2018 at the Global Design Database of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). All 16 models are different from each other but still with the same screen size. The notch design also differs so there are several choices available.

The flexible telephone screen with a notch is illustrated by eight models. These are possible designs of a future foldable phone. It could also be plural so yes, foldable phones.

As we always say, the possibilities are just endless. Soon enough, we’ll see another addition to the short list of foldable phones that includes the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, and the Royole Flexpai. Other OEMs are expected to introduce their entries to the foldable phone category like the Lenovo vertical foldable phone, Xiaomi foldable phone, MOTO RAZR foldable phone, and the OPPO foldable phone. Of course, we won’t forget the other foldable phones from Samsung.