OPPO may be venturing into the foldable phone category. That’s the latest we have about the Chinese OEM and it somehow gives us a glimpse of the future of OnePlus. In case you haven’t realized it yet, OnePlus is a subsidiary of OPPO. Whatever OPPO decides, the OnePlus team may follow together with Vivo. That’s the reason why some Vivo, Oppo, and OnePlus phones are similar in many ways. If Oppo releases a foldable phone, OnePlus may also follow with its own since basically, they will be sharing the same technology and design.

A new set of patents shows what could be a foldable phone. Phone makers have started to consider this design and by the first half of 2019, we expect to see Samsung and Huawei compete. Other brands will also follow including LG, Lenovo, and Motorola.

The OPPO patent shows a smartphone with a folding screen. It’s pretty much like the ones we’ve seen in the past. This one folds outward so the flexible display wraps around the body.

If and when OPPO releases a foldable phone, we know this will be affordable compared to the premium models we’re expecting Huawei and Samsung will come up with. You know how these Chinese companies make a big difference by launching gadgets with almost premium specs and features and low prices. They may not be exactly cheap but definitely lower than from the premium brands and manufacturers.

The patented foldable phone shows a large flexible display. We can see several cameras. One in the usual top, selfie position when the phone is folded. When opened, there appear to be two selfie cameras.

Another patent image shows a different placement of the cameras–another two at the rear.

We don’t doubt OPPO will be able to release a foldable phone. Remember, it was able to introduce an almost bezel-less phone in the form of the OPPO Find X. With the Find X’s slider design, the company entered a not so popular category and yet made heads turn in the mobile industry.

VIA: Mobielkopen


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