Even OPPO is venturing into the foldable phone category. The latter has just started and 2019 will be more interesting as Samsung intros the much-anticipated Galaxy foldable phone. Huawei may make an announcement ahead of the South Korean tech giant. LG already filed for five related brand names while a foldable phone patent from OPPO surfaced recently. It could also mean something foldable may be followed by OnePlus. No need to guess as OPPO has officially confirmed that a folding smartphone will be unveiled in February at the Mobile World Congress 2019.

The new year will definitely be exciting. OPPO is also working on a 5G smartphone and another one with a hole in the display for the selfie shooter. The 5G phone will be out in 2019 while the device with a cutout screen will be ready the following year.

Samsung won’t be the first to roll out a truly foldable phone because if you may remember, there is the FlexPai foldable-flexible phone that was announced earlier this month, as well as, the ZTE Axon M. We just can’t wait for Samsung to make the reveal because it’s something that we’ve been discussing for years.

For OPPO, it has always been quick to adapt to new technologies and innovation. It even went ahead with the slide-out design that allowed an almost bezel-less screen by hiding the selfie camera with the OPPO Find X. Vivo and OnePlus may follow OPPO in the same year since they share the same resources and are sister companies.

One evidence OPPO is serious with innovation is its willingness to spend more on Research & Development. It’s shelling out some 10 billion RMB (1.26 billion euros) which is a 150% increase.

No mention of specs, pricing, and availability but an OPPO exec confirmed the MWC 2019 announcement of a foldable phone.

VIA: LetsGoDigital