Before Google Home gets more competition, the tech giant has started to market the smart device more aggressively. New ads have just been published on YouTube, showing off how it can answer your questions and do simple tasks for you. Another one demos how you can feel like a celebrity with a personal assistant that can tell you important information and reminders about your day-to-day activities.

Watch the two new ads below:

Google Home is also now available on Best Buy, Target, and of course, the Google Store. And to make it more attractive, the company is offering the smart speaker with a discount until June 18. The price cut is for a limited time only. From $129, you can have it for only $109. Hopefully, the $20 discount is enough to make you decide if you’re getting the device or not.

Google Home recently went up for pre-order in Canada. We learned it can be integrated with GE, LG, Whirlpool appliances and now supports more devices like those from Lutron, Logitech Harmony, LG Music Flow, or August Home. Google has been hard at work to connect it to other services like the Hyundai Blue Link, Google Play Music, and Spotify among others. Expect more devices and services to receive Google Home support in the coming months.

Google Home Price Cut

In our review, we recommended the Google Home as it can make you feel right at home with the Google Assistant.

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