“Let there be light!” You may soon say those words and the lights at home will turn on. No, we’re kidding but that’s something Lutron or Google could add as the connected lighting system has just received Google Assistant integration. This means you can soon use voice commands to control Lutron’s smart products starting with the Caseta Wireless, RadioRA 2, and the HomeWork QS.

You can control the smart devices via Google Home or any Android phone that has Google Assistant. Rollout will be slow but full release will be this Summer. It seems that Google has been busy partnering with a lot of companies to have their Google Assistant work with more smart products and Internet of Things devices.

Google needs to rush because Amazon’s Alexa is also moving faster than before. The two are close rivals today. We’re not expecting Siri or Bixby to be as popular yet because the two aren’t ready. For now, the competition is between Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Hands-free control is now possible if you have the Caseta Wireless system by Lutron at home. Say “OK Google, dime the living room lights” and the Google Assistant will do the job for you. The other two Lutron devices will be ready in June.

VIA: SlashGear