Driving that new Hyundai vehicle you’ve been eyeing has just gotten more attractive. The South Korean car maker recently made it official that the Blue Link is now integrated with Google Home. This means the connected car service loaded in some of the latest cars from Hyundai can now work with the Google Home. This includes access to Google Assistant and command control of the car even while you’re still inside the house.

If you’re preparing to go out and already want the car to turn on the aircon or remote start, say the words and Google Home will pass the message to your car. Or maybe you just got home and are not sure whether you locked the doors or not, use voice commands and the Blue Link will do the work for you.

The idea of Hyundai Blue Link’s agent working the Google Assistant began as early as back in January. The smart car service with Google Home has been inevitable. It’s already expected and we know other similar connected services will also follow. Before Google Home and Google Assistant, the Blue Link was already connected to the Amazon Echo.

Hyundai is offering the Blue Link on all 2017 IONIQ models and 2018 vehicles for FREE up to three years. We’re hoping this will encourage more people to sign up and use the platform. The Blue Link is also available for Android Wear so you can access and control your car from your smartwatch.

Some of the things you can do include remote door locking/unlocking, remote start with climate control, and receive alerts for vehicle health, valet, alarms, or speed. Blue Link also offers access to the Blue Link Emergency Response Center and SOS Emergency Assistance and Automatic Collision Notification,

VIA: SlashGear