Google Home August Home Door Lock

This 2017 could be the year when smart home will really take off. The technology has been out for some time but only a few OEMs have pushed to make it a standard. We only know a few like Google who are serious with bringing the smart home experience to the forefront. We believe this smart arena will boom slowly but surely. It will just take time and more nudging from industry movers.

It matters that Google is getting serious with Google Home and the Google Assistant because such opens a number of possibilities not only for the tech giant but also for other products and services.

We’ve mentioned some of Google Home’s integrations already. There’s Google Play Music, LG Music Flow system, Hyundai’s Blue Link Agent, and more Sony audio and video products. Over 30 apps and services are now supported by Google Home and the number continues to increase.

Next to offer Google Assistant support is August Home with the August Smart Lock which was released a couple of years ago. The smart door lock enabled the Alexa voice assistant last year and now it’s Google’s time to bring life to the lock system.

This move makes August Home the first company to work with not just one but all three popular voice platforms–Siri, Alexa, and Google. Such voice control services make things easier for smart home gadgets that need a central control system. With Google Assistant, you are free to lock the door just by saying the magic words. Say “Ok Google, ask August, lock my door” or check status by saying “Ok Google, ask August if my door is locked”. The unlocking action will be added later this year. Both the first and second generation August Smart Lock can support Google Assistant on Google Home.

Other products that also now work with Google Assistant include Wink, Best Buy Insignia, TP-Link, and LIFX. These are new home automation integrations also recently announced for the smarter home. Practical uses of the Google Assistant include responding to commands like “turn on the fan” with the Best Buy Insignia Wi-Fi Smart Plug, “change the living room lights to blue” with LIFX, “turn up the heat” with Wink, and “dim the living room lights” with TP-Link.

Check your Google Home app, go to settings, and choose Home Control. Select + and add a new device that you can see. If you have a Pixel or any Android smartphone with the Google Assistant, feel free to connect your devices and gain control of the system.

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