The Samsung Galaxy Fold series is still alive but we don’t know when exactly the South Korean tech giant will release the foldable phone. The supposedly new smartphone has been controversial the past few weeks after reports of the display of review units breaking started surfacing. Many were disappointed because the industry has been waiting for it for several years now. The company was one of the first to reveal a foldable phone. It did announce something before Huawei but unfortunately, the screen issue happened.

The news of Samsung Galaxy Fold display breaking before market launch was really unfortunate but we’re expecting it is temporary. We’re certain there’s a folding test but we’re not sure what really happened.

The disassembly showed a foldable hinge mechanism but little is know what could possibly the problem. Soon, Samsung canceled foldable phone employee training and launch in China. Later on, it officially postponed the launch to fix issues.

Units were recalled from the press. AT&T Galaxy Fold’s release was moved to June 13. A fix is almost done and launch may happen soon. We’re hoping changes will be presented soon but you have to confirm first if you’d like to keep or cancel.

Best Buy has listed the phone before but looks like it’s making a move that will frustrate some buyers. The shopping site is now canceling all pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold. Best Buy hasn’t learned a new reveal date yet.

The company hasn’t made any official announcement or confirmation yet but one customer shared that he received a notification that the pre-order is canceled. Best Buy said it just decided to cancel the deal because the tech giant hasn’t informed them of a new launch date yet.

Orders may have been canceled but Best Buy is giving a $100 gift card in the form of a savings code which can be used for future purchases. Not bad at all.


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