Another week has passed and this time around that meant some new apps, some updated apps, some competition for Google Glass from Vuzix with the M100 and even a bit more about Motorola. The Motorola news was in regards to the troublesome Moto X Cyber Sale. As those who were watching saw, the sale day came and went. Needless to say, what was expected to be a one day Cyber Monday sale turned into a two-day special offer.

The offer remained the same, Motorola just switched things up a bit and gave coupon codes for the discount. Aside from the Moto X, there was also a bit more talk about the Moto G. We received a review unit and posted a hands-on with the Flip Shell. Aside from the quick look at the case, we have been spending quite a bit of time with the Moto G and as a result, we will have a full review on the site soon enough — so make sure to keep an eye out.

As for those updates, NVIDIA dropped a rather big update for the SHIELD this week. This update brought improvements to Gamestream which took things up to 1080p. There was more to the update though, so those looking for the specifics should hit the full post from earlier in the week. Other updates included a big app update for Field Trip and one for Google Play Music that added SD memory card support.


That wasn’t necessarily the biggest update though. Google began rolling out an Android update that brings a fix for the Nexus 5 camera issues. The update arrived as Android 4.4.1 and while it brought some noticeable camera improvements, it appears as this is still a work in progress. But that just ties in with another app we saw arrive for Android this week. The long-time iOS only camera app, VSCO Cam finally arrived for Android.

Another app that arrived for Android this week was Cal. This was another that spent a long time only on iOS. The good news here, the Cal app joins the to-do and task app from and is also free to download and free to use. Cal has been getting solid reviews and seems to be a worthwhile app to consider if you are looking for an alternative. Otherwise, there was also some news in terms of launchers this week. We saw one arrive called Kit Kat Launcher+, Action Launcher graduated to version 2.0 and we saw word that Cover is expected to arrive before Christmas.


Touching back on the calendar side. Google announced data downloads for Calendar this week. Basically, you can now download all of your Calendar data, which should be good for those looking to move away from Google Calendar, or for those who simply want to be prepared — and have a backup. The data download option is also available for Gmail.

And a few remaining bits, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside sat down for a near 40 minute Hangout and had some interesting things to say. We also saw a relaunch of the Santa Tracker, our friends at SlashGear spent a bit of time with the LG G Flex and a charger for the HP Chromebook 11 appeared as a ‘coming soon’ item in the Play Store. An official mention from HP or Google would have been nice to see, but regardless, that does suggest the availability of the Chromebook will soon return.