Motorola‘s Cyber Monday Moto X sale was a fiasco, forcing the company to placate customers by offering two separate days for sales. But to prevent the event from becoming a bloody mess again, Motorola is spelling out a few requirements to participate in the sale.

Motorola announced a $150 discount off its Moto X smartphone, both the Developer Edition and the Moto Maker customized incarnation, leaving the 16 GB version at $350 and the 32 GB at $400. The Moto Maker site was, apparently, unable to handle the traffic that the sale caused and ended up being unusable all the way up to the end of Cyber Monday. Motorola then promised to reschedule the sale into two days instead of one. But it is now also setting up a process that will make it easier for both buyers and Motorola to process the incoming flood.

Those who wish to avail of the promo must now register with their email, limited to only one email per device. The sender will then be given a one-time promotion code, also limited to one code per device, which he or she can use to apply the discount before processing their order. But instead of maddeningly rushing through the Moto Maker process, code holders are given up to a week to get their design and order in. That is, the promotion code is valid up to only a week from the time it was sent to the buyer. The code is, unfortunately, not applicable to the Developer Edition.

Registration will be open until the limited supplies last or until midnight of the promo day, whichever comes first. According to comments, registration will start at noon on Wednesday December 4th and then again on Monday December 9th, though the Motorola FAQ doesn’t indicate this. Motorola is also offering a few of its accessories at 30% off by simply using the promo code “THANKS” (without the quotes). The accessory discount will be in effect through Monday next week.

SOURCE: Motorola
VIA: Reddit