Field Trip, one half of the efforts put forth by Google’s Niantic Labs, has seen a massive update. The changes are big, and impressive, altering just about everything about Field Trip. We’ll now enjoy a smoother experience through the app, and easier discoverability of places to visit.

Starting from the content providers, users will now see content from the contributor in the categories section of the app. You’ll be able to sample just what you’re getting into, anther than the previous method of adding content providers only to find it wasn’t what you might have thought. You also have the ability to choose how much content you see from a given provider.

The layout also changed a bit, putting the Recent, Nearby, Favorites, and Map at the bottom of the screen via a bar, much like Google+ does. We like the ease of use, but it’s a bit of a departure from the Google slide-out menu standard we’ve seen lately. Niantic did put slide-out menus from the left and right for settings available, though.

The new Field Trip is available on Android and iOS, with updates currently rolling out to all. If you’re looking for a great way to explore your surroundings, Field Trip is a great app for you. Easy to use, and full of awesome information you’d otherwise not know about your city, Field Trip makes a perfect daily companion app.


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