There are plenty of launcher apps sitting in the Play Store and it looks like yet another has arrived. Though, while this latest joins a rather large group, there may be some reason to pay attention. The app is called Kit Kat Launcher+ and is said to have been compiled straight from AOSP. And in addition, while some launchers bring an overabundance of features and options, this one is a bit simpler.

According to the developer behind the app, Kit Kat Launcher+ has a focus on being clean and stable. To that point, they have said they aim to “keep true to the stock Kit Kat experience.” To clear up one bit that may be confusing — this launcher isn’t going to give the quick swipe access to Google Now or the always on Ok, Google functionality. While those are a few pieces the app isn’t, we can now shift to what it offers.

Basically, you are looking at more customization options. But again, not an overabundance of customization options. Using the Kit Kat Launcher+ app you can hide the Google Search bar, change the grid size and set the number of screens. And for those who like keeping an extra blank/open screen available, this launcher does not automatically delete empty screens.

The app also has some features for the drawer. In this case, users will be able to change the grid size. A few other options including being able to center the home screen and configure the behavior of the home button. There is also easy access to the App Ops section to manage app permissions and options to backup and restore.

Bottom line here, Kit Kat Launcher+ provides some customization options, but retains the same overall look and feel that we have seen arrive with Kit Kat. One other potential perk here, the app will run on devices with Android 4.3 or later. That all having been said, the Kit Kat Launcher+ app is available for free and can be found in the Google Play Store.

VIA: Android Beat